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Walking and cycling in the area

Walking and cycling in the area

Landgoed Welderen, in Elst, is centrally located in the beautiful region of the Betuwe: the green heart between Arnhem and Nijmegen. Surrounded by wonderful greenery, it is no surprise that it is the perfect area for a nice walk or bike trip around Landgoed Welderen. We are happy to help you find the right route for your walk or bike ride. You can find the routes by clicking on the link below (only available in Dutch) or asking for information at the reception of Landgoed Welderen. The routes start and end at Landgoed Welderen and give you a great impression of the surrounding area.

When you arrive by car, you can park for free on the Landgoed Welderen parking area. You can end your walk or bike ride at our restaurant or on the Park Lingezegen terrace.

If you have any questions about the area, the routes or if you have a different route in mind, please feel free to contact us by calling 0481-376591 or sending an email to

‘Happen en Trappen’ in de Betuwe

‘Happen en Trappen’ is a national cycling route supplier that provides the best cycling routes throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. The name, which translates as eating and cycling, already says it all; during these bike rides, you can stop at various local restaurants.

Landgoed Welderen restaurant is connected to the following route: “De Bruisende Betuwe”. During the 42km route, you will make a stop at four local restaurants, with Landgoed Welderen as your last stop. In the evening you will join us on the terrace and enjoy a dessert while you see the last golfers coming in from the course.

The ‘happen en trappen’ package costs €39,95 including the four course dinner at the participating restaurants.

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