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Our golfprofessionals

Arno Hofstede

During my time as a football player, I was infected with the golf virus. I was a member of Golf Club Welderen, where I have played many tournaments and competitions. I took a golf professional course in 2005 and completed PGA, B and A. I am also TPI level 1 certified.

For the past 12 years, I have worked at Landgoed Welderen en Landgoed Bleijenbeek.

My challenge is to get the best out of my students as much as is physically possible. The goal is to have fun playing golf and to keep having fun with golf. I’d love to see you soon on the golf course!


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Manager Golfscholen

Henk Timmer


My name is Henk Timmer and I have been active for 38 years in the golf world to help everyone to evolve. There are several elements required for this, such as a good foundation, knowing how to train and – based on your physical features – making the right movement.

I am happy to help you and most of all to get to know you.

The experience I have is in part due to a regular course that I follow in America. I have also trained the NGF youth from Brabant, Limburg and Zeeland. One of my students is playing in the European Tour and I have trained 15 professionals. That and all of the hours of training with my students and clients have brought me where I am today.

I hope to meet you soon.


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Hessel Bosman

My name is Hessel Bosman and I have been employed at Landgoed Welderen Course since 2008. Golf is a fantastic sport and a challenging game. Helping players of all ages and levels improve their game is a challenge that gives me a great feeling! Giving lessons outside in each season is different – from outside in the full sun to wearing a warm hat in the wintertime!  Landgoed Welderen is a fine place to teach golfers and to see them improve themselves.


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