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Business & Leisure combined

Sportive outings Meetings

Are you organizing a company outing?

Are you looking for a fitting end to a successful term at work with your colleagues or business relations? Would you like to organize an outing that symbolizes team building? Or would you like to spend some time with your colleagues outside of work? Many other companies before you have organized their company outings at Landgoed Welderen.

Staff outings

Landgoed Welderen is the perfect location for a variety of staff excursions. For instance, the estate offers active and athletic outings. The options for active breaks on the golf course are endless. You can organize an entire day of golf or go for a more relaxed and shorter activity such as Supagolf. Additionally, you can explore our beautiful grounds and go for a walk or bike trip with your colleagues.

Staff parties and get-togethers

Are you looking for a location for your party, for a dinner or for a simple get-together? We would like to introduce you to Park Restaurant Lingezegen, which is cozy and includes a large terrace with a beautiful view of Landgoed Welderen. The restaurant has something for every occasion; a bite to eat, a three course menu, a buffet or even just a drink.

Together with our hospitality and sales team, we can ensure that your company party will be a fantastic and memorable event for you and your colleagues!

Would you like to discuss the options and receive a quotation? Please feel free to contact our event department by emailing